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How To Convert SVG Icons To Shapes Using Microsoft Word

The Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)is an XML-based vector image format. Microsoft Office 2016 supports using SVG files in Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint 2016. Users are able to transform all SVG pictures and icons into Office shapes and then make changes with them. I have subscribed an Office 365 home on my Surface Pro 4 and could not find the way to configure my SVG icon. When I go to the Graphics Tools/Format tab in Word, the Convert button is missing in the Change section. Any way to convert SVG front on my tablet without third-part app?

How to convert SVG icons to Shapes using Microsoft Word

PowerPoint provides 500+ icons in SVG format. I recently published a blog which has a downloadable version of all icons in a PPTX file. Scalable vector graphic format icons cannot be edited inside PowerPoint. You cannot treat them like any other PowerPoint shape. But now, we can convert icons into shapes. Once converted to shapes all the PowerPoint shape features available. You can also use the Merge Shapes option to combine or subtract shapes. Here is how you do it:

The icon may get converted to one or more shapes. If it has more than one shape, it will be in a grouped state. So it is a good idea to right click on it and try Ungroup. If Ungroup option is inactive, there is only one shape.

The icon above is from the Analytics category. It is a speedometer icon which is often used in performance management. Management dashboards showing KPIs often use this type of speedometer graphic. Here is how we can enhance the speedometer icon after it is converted to shapes.

SVG2Keynote is a command line utility to convert Scalable Vector Graphics (left) to Apple Keynote documents. SVG2Keynote preserves shape information (path styles, fills), such that shapes can be edited in Keynote (right).

Many of the built-in Icons are not convenient for animation after conversion. For example, I would like to animate the email Icon showing the message moving into the envelope. However, the result of converting this Icon is (mostly) a single Freeform (the envelope and message are not separate shapes):

You can group and ungroup objects in PowerPoint using keyboard shortcuts, the context menu or the Ribbon. If you group pictures, shapes or other objects, you can format, move, resize and animate those objects as one object. You can also ungroup objects that have been grouped and regroup objects.

There are some objects that you will not be able to group in PowerPoint. For example, you will not be able to group objects that include a placeholder (like a Title placeholder), table, worksheet object or 3D model. If you want to group SVG icons, you need to convert them to shapes first. For more information and workarounds, check out the article Why You Can't Group in PowerPoint (3 Common Issues).

Most presentations are a cascade of text-heavy Death-by-PowerPoint slides. Online learners suffer the torture of brochures converted to click-through-eLearning. Most people now recognize that using visuals is the way to go. But how do you make visual presentations and eLearning that work? We think there are six steps you need to follow.

Just remember to use the Wrap Text option when handling object groups, because you have to set your text wrapping to anything except for In Line With Text, as this will reformat your page as well as the rest of your document. Furthermore, if you want to group icons together and they are in SVG format, you first have to convert them to shapes first. Then, you can work on each item in the group by selecting the group and then the item or object you want to manipulate or move.

If you're using Microsoft 365, Microsoft now provides access to hundreds of pre-loaded PowerPoint icons, included in with your PowerPoint subscription. But they're a bit tricky to find, so we've created a step by step guide:

If you're a graphic designer or you're working with a design team, you might have custom icons for your organization that you want to save in PowerPoint to easily reuse. PPT Productivity's Slide Library for PowerPoint lets you save icons, shapes, images and text for easy reuse from the Slide Library Toolbar.

Icon Sets in Excel are ready-to-use formatting options that add various icons to cells, such as arrows, shapes, check marks, flags, rating starts, etc. to visually show how cell values in a range are compared to each other.

For accessibility, I love the idea of using font icons with ligatures defined for entire words. Screen readers would read the icon as a regular word, and even copy-paste would give you the text version. It could be pretty nifty for something like a simple contact card with phone, email, etc.Of course, support is another matter.

I have a folder full of SVG icons in my src folder. I run them through gulp-svg-sprites using defs: true, to produce a sprite.svg file in my public folder. Then I generate the HTML from a jade template in my src folder which includes the SVG sprite at the top:

After exporting my SVG sprite from Illustrator, I opened the SVG with sublime text and cut out a ton of unnecessary cruft. My SVG file went from around 70k to about 40k. One thing you may need to do in order to reduce your SVG file size is reduce the geometry of the icons. This may be a matter of unifying, subtracting, creating outlines of items. Also, sometimes using the simplify path tool can help too. (Obviously you have to be careful, not to destroy the fidelity of your icons in this process.)

File conversion is invaluable when working with different programs and DOC converts to various formats that allow creators and everyday users to create, save, open and edit using a wide variety of applications. For instance, converting DOC to DOCX improves data management and recovery and extends the possibilities of the former binary files. On the other hand, converting to PDF offers secure data storage and makes paper-to-digital conversions easier.

DOC files are easy to convert. You can also get your file back by converting DOCX, PDF and other documents to DOC. It all depends on what you want to achieve and the program you are using. Some programs cannot export or save DOC files, so you need to convert the document to a compatible format before using it on the application.

Microsoft Visio can be a handy tool for creating network diagrams, flow charts and other IT-related visualizations. For those who might not be familiar with Visio, it's a tool that allows you to create various types of diagrams by dragging and dropping shapes (which are like icons) onto a workspace.

As you look at the figure above, you will no doubt notice that I have created a Save icon. The good news, however, is that you don't necessarily have to create your icons from scratch. If you have a screen capture tool available, you can create icons by using cut and paste. There is a third-party tool called Foundstone Capture that works really well for this purpose.

Now that you know how to convert your handwriting into more legible text, you can also do the same for shapes, and tables too. To do this, all you need to do is activate a setting in the menu. Again, click the hamburger menu to the right of the screen, and then choose Ink to shape and Ink to table. 350c69d7ab


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