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Where Can I Buy Corrugated Cardboard Sheets

Corrugated cardboard sheets are flat sheets made from fluted paper and sandwiched between paper liners. They can be used for interleaving to hold products together on a pallet, wrapping unusually shaped products or packing large flat products. These cardboard packaging sheets come in a range of sizes, styles and thicknesses and are produced in bulk quantities before being stored for sale at Maxpack. They are then available to buy in small or large quantities at wholesale prices.

where can i buy corrugated cardboard sheets


Our range of thick, large cardboard sheets are produced from heavy duty cardboard, making them ideal for shipping heavy or fragile goods. The large size and strength of the cardboard enables you to protect valuable products with sufficient packaging, allowing for safe transit to the destination. At Maxpack, we can also supply bespoke sheets up to extra large sizes and in heavy duty triple wall corrugated cardboard for special projects, just call our sales team with your enquiry.

If you are looking to buy cardboard sheets in manageable quantities with quick delivery, Maxpack sells a huge selection of cardboard corrugated sheets in a range of popular sizes, all available at bulk wholesale prices with stock available in the UK. To ensure you purchase the perfect size cardboard sheets, our sales team is happy to help you choose the right size for your requirements, whether you need small or large, light or strong.

Instead of giving you every option of corrugated cardboard sheet which we stock like other sites, we have provided you with the range of corrugated cardboard sheets which are the most popular with our in-store customers.If you would like another size corrugated cardboard sheet that is not available for purchase on the site, please feel free to contact us to see if we can source the perfect product for your needs.

Carabay Packaging Products stocks a wide range of cardboard sheets, all of which provide durable protection and reliable lining for objects with fragile exteriors. Cardboard sheeting is available in both single and double walled constructions, both of which feature a unique, corrugated cardboard construction.

Whatever the size of your business, the experts at Carabay Packaging Products are here to help. For customers placing larger, high-volume orders, we are delighted to offer numerous bulk pricing discounts as well as wholesale pricing options for large organisations. If you have any questions about our cardboard sheets, don't hesitate to contact us! Our dedicated professional service experts can answer any questions you may have about our cardboard sheeting products.

There are so many items which need special care when being transported, and that's why we offer a comprehensive range of top quality cardboard sheets to customers in a variety of industry sectors. Manufactured to the highest standard and approximately 3mm in thickness, they are perfect when used as a cushioning agent or as a separator sheet.

The most flexible of the corrugated cardboard options, single face sheets are an affordable material to wrap items for shipping. They can also add an extra cushion between items to prevent scratching and breakage during moving.

  • Easily shop all of our corrugated sheets at wholesale prices. We have many options to choose from: single wall, double wall, triple wall, plastic corrugated sheets and honeycomb sheets. Single wall corrugated cardboard sheets are produced from 32# kraft corrugated.

  • Wholesale corrugated layer pads are suggested for layering in common box Sizes. These layer pads are produced from 32# kraft corrugated.

  • We also offer single wall 32# corrugated sheets, white on one side allowing easy identification of layer separation.

  • Double wall corrugated sheets are produced from 48# kraft corrugated providing extra durability and strength.

  • Triple wall corrugated sheets are manufactured from 90# kraft corrugated.

  • Plastic corrugated sheets are durable and reusable constructed from rigid 3/16" this polypropylene corrugated plastic.

Honeycomb sheets are offered in 1/2", 1" & 2". These honeycomb sheets can be Used flat between pallets for superior cushioning strength. Honeycomb sheets can also be easily cut knife and Used as void fill. This eco-friendly product is 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable. These corrugated and honeycomb sheets are purchased in bulk allowing us to pass these savings to you. Easily search through all our different sheets and pads using the left side filter options to easily find the perfect solution.Learn about our Free Freight options

A corrugated cardboard sheet is an uncut and unfolded predecessor of the corrugated box. For this reason, it is a type of product called a semi-finished product. In order for the corrugated cardboard to become a box, first cuts must be made with special machines according to the box design and then folded. The plate is the uncut form of this product. As one of the leading brands in the sector, We produce corrugated cardboard sheets in different wave types, thicknesses and sizes, both for manufacturers who want to produce boxes by supplying sheets and for our customers who want to use corrugated cardboard as a sheet in packaging solutions. So much so that our Ankutsan Ankara factory is the first factory in Turkey to produce semi-finished products with its machinery and automation systems all of European origin. It produces 168 thousand tons of corrugated cardboard sheets annually.

Corrugated cardboard is a product type formed by glueing flat and corrugated papers together. There is a ribbed undulating layer placed between two flat plates. Thanks to this geometric structure, the impact resistance and bearing strength of the paper packaging reach the optimum level. Ankutsan A.S. aspect; With the combination of different paper types, wave types, single wave and dope options, we determine the plate specific to the needs of our customers and move on to the production stage.

There are different types of corrugated cardboard in different wave types, thicknesses and sizes, depending on the type of product to be packaged. The most common corrugated board wave types are the "A", "B", "C", "E", and "F" waves. Here the letter designation is used in terms of the order in which they were invented, not relative sizes. Although the corrugation size varies for different corrugated manufacturers, it refers to the number of corrugations per 1 meter. Different wave types can also be used together as two layers from time to time. Various corrugated board sheets are available in these different wave combinations, thicknesses, and sizes.

As Ankutsan, we take the leading role among the corrugated board manufacturers. Accordingly, we offer our products to our customers for their evaluation in line with their different needs with a wide range of diversity. You can contact us for your corrugated cardboard sheet needs.

You can choose various corrugated cardboard sheets to suit your needs. In addition, for corrugated cardboard boxes, different manufacturers can purchase corrugated cardboard sheets from our company as semi-finished products.

Whether you're shipping from a small business or a bustling warehouse, ensuring that your products arrive safely to your customer is essential. Having the right corrugated cardboard boxes can be the key difference between a successful delivery and a disappointed customer. If your business is shipping out baked goods, prepared meals, or merchandise, choosing the right cardboard boxes can be a daunting task. Keep reading to learn about the different types of corrugated cardboard and their uses.

Corrugated shipping boxes are made of sheets of corrugated cardboard. Stacks of corrugated fiberboard are trimmed, scored, and folded to create cartons of all shapes and sizes. Glue is applied to corners and folds for even greater stability.

Sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard, the ridged flutes of corrugated paper are designed to support a great deal of weight. Not only is this beneficial for shipping purposes, but it also plays an important part in supporting the weight of food in pizza boxes and corrugated cardboard takeout boxes.

Single face cardboard has only two layers, a liner layer and a corrugated layer. It's not as durable as the other types of corrugated cardboard but is often used inside boxes to add extra cushioning.

Single wall cardboard is the most common type of corrugated fiberboard. If someone is talking about corrugated cardboard, they are most likely referring to this style. It consists of two outer liners and a middle layer of corrugated medium.

Triple wall cardboard is sturdy enough to be used in place of wooden crates. Three layers of fluting make this corrugated cardboard a dependable choice for shipping chemicals or items that need special handling.

The difference between A flute corrugated cardboard and B flute is that B flute corrugated cardboard is half the height and features approximately 10-13 more flutes per linear foot for added strength. A flute is better for cushioning while B flute is better for stability.

The difference between B flute cardboard to C flute is that C flute corrugated cardboard is slightly taller and has 5-8 fewer flutes per linear foot to give it better cushioning properties to absorb impact in transit.

When comparing B flute cardboard to E flute, E flute corrugated cardboard is half the thickness with almost double the number of flutes per linear foot. Its thin construction means it takes up less space for internal packaging and allows it to fit easily through printing machines. The thickness of B flute board makes it sturdier than its thinner counterpart to support heavier items and provide additional cushioning in transit.

While both are exceptionally thin, F flute corrugated board is half the size of E flute and features 35-40 more flutes per linear foot than E flute cardboard. Being slightly thicker than standard paper, F flute is ideal for printing machines and easier to fold than E flute.Corrugated Cardboard RecyclingRestaurants, grocery stores, and convenience stores accumulate corrugated cardboard with every shipment of food and supplies. Over time, the amount of cardboard quickly adds up. To dispose of the corrugated cardboard in the most efficient way, most businesses work with a local waste disposal company that collects and recycles the old corrugated containers (OCC). 041b061a72


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