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Dyno2000 Advanced Engine Simulation V3.08

Quote:(snip) When it comes to Chrysler's further developments for '57, in the absence of a Detroit-engineered and -manufactured '57 Packard (not the South Bend "replicars"), has anyone taken the specs for the proposed 440-cid Packard V8 and run them on any computer simulation software like Desktop Dyno?

Dyno2000 Advanced Engine Simulation v3.08

Intake centerline can be altered either by the crankshaft grind or the use of a camshaft sprocket that can alter if the cam is installed advanced or retarded. A later ICL (retarded cam timing) will tend to move the power curve upwards, due to closing the intake valve later. With the faster engine speeds, the intake valve can stay open later without the risk of pushing intake gasses back into the intake runners. An earlier ICL (advanced cam timing) will tend to increase low end torque because at low speeds, closing the intake valve sooner will trap more intake air at lower RPM.

Another helpful item for choosing a cam is the free software offered by Comp Cam, called CamQuest. It lets you compare how their different cams affect engine output. For more in-depth research, purchase some dyno simulation software like Desktop Dyno 2000 or DynoSim. They allow you to alter the cam specs and the results are displayed graphically on a simulated dyno chart.


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