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In the Fog Issei Sagawa Book

In the Fog is a book written by Issei Sagawa, a Japanese man who murdered and cannibalized a Dutch woman named Renée Hartevelt in Paris in 1981. The book is an in-depth account of the crime, Sagawa's motives, his arrest, his trial, and his subsequent release from a French mental hospital. The book was published in Japan in 2002 and has never been translated into English.


Issei Sagawa was born in Kobe, Japan in 1949. He suffered from a rare disease that stunted his growth and made him weak. He developed a fascination with cannibalism at a young age, and attempted to eat a classmate when he was in elementary school. He later moved to Paris to study literature at the Sorbonne, where he met Renée Hartevelt, a fellow student who was studying anthropology. Sagawa became obsessed with her and planned to kill and eat her. On June 11, 1981, he invited her to his apartment under the pretext of helping him with a French poem. He shot her in the back of the neck with a rifle and then proceeded to cut up and consume parts of her body over the course of two days. He also took photographs of her corpse and recorded himself talking to it.

Sagawa was arrested on June 13, 1981, after he was caught trying to dispose of two suitcases containing Hartevelt's remains in a park. He confessed to his crime and was charged with murder. However, he was found legally insane by a French court and was sent to a psychiatric hospital instead of prison. He spent two years there, during which he wrote several books about his crime and his life, including In the Fog. In 1984, he was extradited to Japan, where he was examined by Japanese psychiatrists who declared him sane but suffering from a personality disorder. Due to a legal loophole, he could not be tried again for the same crime in Japan, and he was released from custody. He became a free man and a media sensation in Japan, where he appeared on talk shows, wrote more books, and even worked as a food critic.

In the Fog is one of Sagawa's most controversial and notorious books. It is a detailed and graphic description of his crime, as well as an attempt to explain his cannibalistic impulses and his feelings for Hartevelt. He claims that he loved her and that he wanted to possess her completely by eating her. He also expresses remorse for what he did and says that he wishes he could have died with her. He compares himself to a fog that envelops everything and obscures reality. He also reflects on his childhood, his illness, his sexuality, his loneliness, and his alienation from society.

The book has been criticized for being exploitative, sensationalist, and self-serving. Many people have condemned Sagawa for profiting from his crime and for showing no respect for Hartevelt or her family. Some have also questioned the authenticity and accuracy of his account, as well as his mental state. The book has also been praised for being honest, insightful, and disturbing. Some have argued that it is a valuable document that reveals the mind of a cannibal and a killer, as well as the flaws of the legal system and the media. The book has also been compared to other works of literature that deal with cannibalism, such as Thomas Harris's Hannibal Lecter novels or Cormac McCarthy's The Road.

In the Fog is a rare and controversial book that offers a glimpse into one of the most shocking and infamous crimes of the 20th century. It is not for the faint of heart or the easily offended, but it is also not easy to ignore or forget.



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