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Isaiah Ward
Isaiah Ward

Anal Renegades 2 !LINK!

Kassin's specialty is rough anal sex, including double anal, though she has since ceased filming creampies after the HIV outbreak in 2004. In Germany Katja is known for her appearances at the German erotic TV show Wa(h)re Liebe.

Anal Renegades 2


YouTube stores your data as a user profile and uses them for the purpose of advertising, market research and/or needs-appropriate design of its website. Such analysis is carried out in particular (even for users who are not logged in) to deliver needs-based advertising and to inform other users of the social network about your activities on our website. You have a right to object to the development of this user profile, whereby you have to contact YouTube to exercise this right.

Vibrating Prostate Massagers allows the user to stimulate both externally and internally. Regular prostate massages allow the prostate to flush out any stagnant prostate fluid which can cause swelling of the prostate. It helps avoid surgery and prosthesis and even lessens the risks of hemorrhoids and anal fissures.

This prostate massager is a sizeable product. Renegade Vibrating Massager is designed to reach in deep for that pleasurable anal stimulation. The Renegade 2 is 5 inches tall and 4 inches in girth. Made of platinum-grade silicone, phthalates-free, the massager is smooth and odorless, easy to clean, and safe to use.

The sleek and cheeky design of the naughty boy is perfect for anal play beginners, but a fit for prostate stimulation. Made of platinum body-safe silicone, metallic plated ABS, the Rocks Off Naughty Boy comes with an RO-80MM Power vibrating bullet with seven speeds that you can choose from.

The X-Large Spade has 3.75 inches of insertable width that tapers from a .75 inch tip to a maximum girth of 2 inches down to a 1.1 inch neck at the base. The base is 2.75 inch wide is the largest in the Spades Collection and is ready to stretch when you are. Renegade Spades sit deeper for a more comfortable fit that is available in 4 unique sizes to fit almost every man. Perfectly designed for the male anatomy, angled and contoured to fit the curves of the anal canal, the insertable portion effortlessly reaches up to the prostate to massage this orgasm-inducing center of sexual satisfaction. The T-shaped handle targets the perineum, an external gateway to the male g-spot being at the optimal location that sits comfortably between the butt-cheeks, also acting as a safe barrier against too-deep penetration. 350c69d7ab


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