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Gambit 2230

Sinister is captured and sent to the Phantom Limb's prison ship. During the hunt for Francis Gendry, the X-Men come to the conclusion that he is not long for this world. Using Archangel's time-travel technology, Wolverine was able to retrieve Xavier, and after some convincing, persuaded him to return to Earth. Gambit was present when the professor assumed his role as the leader of the X-Men. Charles sent some Acolytes to capture Gambit for holding him prisoner. They brought Gambit and Emma Frost to the mansion and began torturing them. Ms. Frost caused a situation, and the Acolytes came to her to help. By hook or by crook, they managed to get everything they needed and escape in the Acolytes' jet, leaving Gambit behind.

Gambit 2230

Gambit travels to the world of the Limbo dimension, and meets with Seeker, a friend of his from his past, and discovers that the world is controlled by one Vanko. Gambit helps him against the X-Men and the Avengers and help him to find a way to destroy the city. Charles and Beast discuss the telepathic connection between Xavier and Gambit, and Beast suggests that they should try to find any other people with the same kind of connection, and Charles agrees. They speak to Logan, who will go with them to their mission.

Remy, Emma Frost, and Wolverine arrive in Attilan and are greeted by the Terrigen Cloud. Wolverine is infuriated to discover that there is a "Mr. Sinister" living in the world of his memory and decides to rescue him. Wolverine battles Banshee and is knocked into the lava. Recovering from the burn, he telepathically orders Shanna to get the rest of his team. A high-ranking Acolyte notices Wolverine's burns and allows him to stay but also tells him that Sinister is gone. Wolverine is joined by Rogue and Gambit. They are ambushed by another Acolyte, and Rogue splits off to deal with him. Wolverine and Gambit uncover a monstrous plot; Cortex has been locked up in the place, and several other mutants have been kidnapped. All of them are dead.

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