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Securitatea rețelelor wireless: cum să îți aperi parola wpa psk de atacurile cibernetice

Network WPA enterprise works, but how do I connect to his network? The first time that I have many configuration mistakes and programs that do not work and I sent them to a friend, and she said that we already know the solution. In other words, he gave me the formula to connect to a WPA network it works. I did it as follows:

program de spart parole de wireless wpa psk

So WPA Enterprise works. However, it does not work in my country. And to enter the access point and internet is that I need to configure my wireless card with the WPA Enterprise and the WPA2/AES. My card is compatible with both, and the information is located in the configuration. How to do it?

hello cristi my name is ionut, I also have a problem, I am abroad, I bought a wireless antenna via usb edup ep 6506 it captures the networks very well, but instead 90% are networks WITHOUT NAME!!!! I don't have a name, it's also an open network that I could connect to only knowing the name, but the problem is that it doesn't have a name. So my question is: HOW CAN I FIND OUT THE NAME OF A WIRELESS NETWORK unnamed (length1), and all are on WPA, I'm waiting for an answer, you know how to find the name of a wireless network, contact me at my id dj.leanta

But you can go directly to install back track on your computer if you want, a small note, if you connect your laptop by wire or by wireless, make sure that you have configured a static IP as usual, in fact, you should be able to install back track to any wireless access point

to be able to communicate with other computers, you first need to configure your wireless, for me, the wireless connexion with my laptop was configured automatically, but I had to choose the channel with my wireless card, the role in hidden and finally open-wrt, the last one is for the configuration of the interface by interface. like any other wireless, it is not always available in any access point, especially if it is not wide-band, but I say it because I use a usb stick and you have a laptop so it is not meant for you. on the bottom of this page I have written the procedure for a simple procedure to be followed by everyone.


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