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Amazon Cookies.rar

To install a software package from the Extras Library, first confirm that the amazon-linux-extras repository is installed on your instance. Then, list the available software packages, enable the one you're looking for, and then install the package using yum.

Amazon Cookies.rar

This class is for receiving messages from SQS. The class is declared as a Message Driven Bean (MDB). This is a JCA annotation which means that the class reacts to events from an external source (in this case SQS). Several configuration values are provided using annotations. They are the access id, secret key and URL gathered earlier. The last two configured properties are the poll interval (how long to wait in seconds before asking SQS if it has any messages), and the region of the queue. The region relates to how AWS separates their servers. You setup a queue in a specific region, which is shown in the AWS administration console. The method is annotated with @OnSQSMessage and accepts an instance of the class as a parameter. This means that it will listen asynchronously for messages from the queue, and process them with whatever is in the method. In this case it's emulating a long process by sleeping for a second and then printing it out to the log.

If the project fails to compile, make sure than you've not missed any bits from above and that your maven dependencies are all correct. The two files you'll need now (other than Payara Micro) are the application WAR, which will be in the target folder (so for me it's target/sqs-test-1.0-SNAPSHOT.war), and the resource adapter, which should be found in target/amazon-sqs-rar-0.1.0.rar. 041b061a72


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