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The Great Gatsby Full Movie in Hindi Online: Which Version Should You Watch? A Comparison of the 1974 and 2013 Films

The Great Gatsby Full Movie in Hindi Watch Online: A Guide for Fans of the Classic Novel


The Great Gatsby is one of the most famous and influential novels in American literature, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald in 1925. It tells the story of Jay Gatsby, a mysterious and wealthy man who lives in a lavish mansion in West Egg, Long Island, and his doomed love for Daisy Buchanan, a married woman from the old money class who lives across the bay in East Egg. The novel explores themes such as the American dream, social class, love, betrayal, corruption, and decadence in the Jazz Age of the 1920s.

The Great Gatsby full movie in hindi watch online

The novel has been adapted into several movies, with two especially big-budget and well-known versions: the 1974 film starring Robert Redford and Mia Farrow, and the 2013 film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan. Both films have their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as similarities and differences, in their interpretation of Fitzgerald's masterpiece.

But why would someone want to watch The Great Gatsby full movie in hindi online? There are many possible reasons, such as:

  • Being a fan of the novel and wanting to see how it has been translated into a different medium and language.

  • Being curious about how the actors, directors, and producers have brought to life the characters, settings, and themes of the novel.

  • Being interested in comparing and contrasting the different versions of the story and how they reflect their respective historical and cultural contexts.

  • Being entertained by the drama, romance, tragedy, and spectacle of The Great Gatsby.

In this article, we will provide you with a guide on how to watch The Great Gatsby full movie in hindi online, focusing on the two most popular adaptations: the 1974 film and the 2013 film. We will give you a brief summary of each film's plot, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. We will also tell you where you can find them online, either for free or for a fee. Finally, we will compare and contrast the two films on various aspects, such as their portrayal of the main characters, their visual style and music, and their reception and impact.

The Great Gatsby (1974) Starring Robert Redford and Mia Farrow

Plot summary

The 1974 film adaptation of The Great Gatsby follows the novel closely, with some minor changes and omissions. The film is narrated by Nick Carraway (Sam Waterston), a young bond salesman who rents a cottage in West Egg, next to the mansion of Jay Gatsby (Robert Redford), a mysterious and wealthy man who throws lavish parties every weekend. Nick is invited to one of Gatsby's parties, where he meets Gatsby and learns that he is in love with Nick's cousin, Daisy Buchanan (Mia Farrow), who lives across the bay in East Egg with her husband, Tom (Bruce Dern), a philandering and arrogant aristocrat. Gatsby asks Nick to arrange a reunion with Daisy, hoping to rekindle their romance that began five years ago, before he went to war and she married Tom. Nick agrees, and soon Daisy and Gatsby begin an affair, while Tom carries on with his mistress, Myrtle Wilson (Karen Black), the wife of a gas station owner in the valley of ashes, a desolate area between West Egg and New York City. The situation becomes tense when Tom confronts Gatsby and Daisy at a party in New York, accusing Gatsby of being a bootlegger and a fraud, and demanding that Daisy admit that she never loved him. Daisy is unable to do so, and confesses that she loved both men. Gatsby tries to take Daisy away with him, but she refuses. As they drive back to Long Island, Daisy accidentally hits and kills Myrtle with Gatsby's car, while Gatsby is in the passenger seat. Tom tells Myrtle's husband, George (Scott Wilson), that Gatsby was the driver and the lover of his wife. George, distraught and enraged, goes to Gatsby's mansion and shoots him dead in his pool, before killing himself. Nick is the only one who attends Gatsby's funeral, along with his father and his friend Owl Eyes (Edward Herrmann), a bespectacled party guest who admired Gatsby's books. Nick decides to leave West Egg, disillusioned by the corruption and carelessness of the upper class. He reflects on Gatsby's life and his pursuit of the American dream, symbolized by the green light at the end of Daisy's dock.

Strengths and weaknesses of the adaptation

The 1974 film adaptation of The Great Gatsby has been praised for its faithful rendition of the novel's plot and dialogue, as well as its production design and costumes that recreate the atmosphere and style of the 1920s. The film also features a star-studded cast, with Robert Redford as the charismatic and enigmatic Gatsby, Mia Farrow as the beautiful and fragile Daisy, Sam Waterston as the honest and observant Nick, Bruce Dern as the brutish and hypocritical Tom, Karen Black as the vulgar and tragic Myrtle, Scott Wilson as the pitiful and vengeful George, and Edward Herrmann as the curious and respectful Owl Eyes. The film also boasts a musical score by Nelson Riddle that incorporates jazz standards from the era.

However, the film has also been criticized for its lack of emotional depth and intensity, as well as its slow pace and dull direction. Some critics have argued that the film fails to capture the essence and spirit of Fitzgerald's novel, which is more than just a love story or a social critique. The film also suffers from some miscasting and poor performances, especially from Mia Farrow, who is seen as too whiny and childish for Daisy, and Robert Redford, who is seen as too bland and wooden for Gatsby. Some critics have also complained that the film is too long and boring, with too much narration and exposition.

Where to watch The Great Gatsby (1974) full movie in hindi online?

If you want to watch The Great Gatsby (1974) full movie in hindi online, you have several options:

  • You can watch it for free on YouTube, where someone has uploaded the entire film with hindi subtitles.

  • You can watch it for free on Dailymotion, where someone has uploaded the entire film with hindi dubbing.

  • You can rent or buy it on Amazon Prime Video, where you can choose between english or hindi audio.

  • You can rent or buy it on iTunes, where you can choose between english or hindi audio.



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