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Cinematic Strings 2 TORRENT

In the spring of 2010, I reviewed a new sample library called Cinematic Strings that positively bristled with appealing features: a sweet concert-hall acoustic, three mic positions, real legato intervals, lush sustains, powerful staccatos and a full complement of sections, including separate first and second violins. (You can read the review at /sos/may10/articles/cinematicstrings.htm.) I wasn't expecting any developments beyond the odd bug-fix or patch update, so was pleasantly surprised to learn that that its makers (aka Antipodean maestro Alex Wallbank and UK composer/arranger David Hearn) have released a completely redesigned version of the library, called (unsurprisingly) Cinematic Strings 2.0.

Cinematic Strings 2 TORRENT

SESSION STRINGS PRO 2 offers a mid-sized contemporary ensemble - sampled in intricate detail with an extensive range of articulations for expressive playing. A modern interface and several smart play assistance features help spark creativity.FLEXIBLE MID-SIZED ENSEMBLESESSION STRINGS PRO 2 doubles the ensemble size of SESSION STRINGS 2, offering eight violins, six violas, four celli, and four double basses. Use the existing instrument configuration or create your own custom ensemble of up to 22 players. Choose from traditional or modern seatingversion 5.8 or higherHomepage: Download Via Uploadgig Free DownloadVia NitroflareVia RapidgatorA S S W O R D P R O T E C T E D!PASSWORD WILL BE PUBLISHED HERE TOMORROW!PLEASE ADD PAGE TO YOUR FAVORITS.

With an intuitive and efficient GUI, CSS was created to meet the demands of working composers in today's film, TV and video game industries. This outstanding orchestral strings library for Kontakt and Kontakt Player is available now at a very affordable priceCSS features a Hollywood-style string section, recorded in position in Australia's premiere scoring stage - Trackdown. From the soaring colourful vibrato of the high violins to the dark and woody textures of the low cello and bass notes, you'll be instantly inspired. Our aim was to create an instrument that's instantly playable, sounds great out-of-the-box and is backed up by speedy customer support.At the heart of CSS is its cutting edge GUI, building on our previous critically-acclaimed library Cinematic Strings 2. This means a short-but-sweet patch list, easily assignable keyswitches and MIDI CCs, and a full mixer with output routing options plus reverb. These features and many others are all accessible via the main GUI page, you'll have CSS working alongside you on your latest project within minutes.CSS features a stunningly realistic legato engine. We painstakingly recorded true legato transitions for each note, up and down, including a beautiful portamento.

Palette Primary Colors by Red Room Audio is the free version of the larger Palette Orchestral Series. This free Kontakt library features high quality samples of strings, woodwinds and brass ensembles in a whopping 1.3 gig install.

With a huge library of orchestral samples and a cutting-edge approach to sampling, ACTION STRINGS 2 gives you the high-octane sound of a full string ensemble with an extraordinary level of creative control. This innovative instrument lets you quickly produce original scores with stunning string sounds, creating the perfect workflow for cinematic soundtracks that are rich in dramatic tension.

Action Strings 2 is the successor to the well-known Action Strings, a cinematic sample library that creates orchestrated musical tracks. It includes 125 live-recorded expressive modules as well as 11 single articulations, including sustain, staccato, and tremolo.

This was inspired by great cinematic composers and their distinctive techniques to make an orchestra or string ensemble sound as innovative as possible. Raw Strings combines orchestral instruments, dazzling effects, and a comprehensive sampling technique to bring a new and fresh sound to your next production. Creating string textures, for instance, is very easy, and you can instantly create your own soundscape, just the way you want to.

Manipulated instruments are made up of string samples that have been processed through a variety of effects modules, creating a unique, dramatic, and cinematic sound. Importantly, the parameters of each instrument have been painstakingly fine-tuned to produce the most characterful result.

At the end of the day, when you do your final mix-down or exports, it all comes down to the actual sound of the strings. They need to sound great! Mixed to standard orchestral seating, all the divisis combine beautifully for a lush and glorious sound. From articulate Smart Ostinatos and Scales to the velvety smooth Sordino and Sul Tasto articulations to the powerful Shorts articulations to the hair-raising Aleatoric articulations (and everything in between) MSS is a library that fully captures the broad expressive range and diversity of the strings family and our Auto Divisi engine does all the hard divisi work for you resulting in a smooth, balanced sound. Pristine recordings with 4 different mic mixes and meticulous editing coupled with our easy-to-use and intuitive orchestral engine will ensure every note of your music will shine without the need for tedious MIDI micro-editing.

Arctic Strings is a lush cinematic strings library designed from the ground up for easy to use ambient sustained strings. It features flexible scripted legato and portamento/glissando. The interface is built around the northern lights, as you play the strings, the aurora swells and flows to the sound. The library is quite unlike anything else, it offers an unique inspiration experience and is perfect for atmospheric and ambient strings.

Like many FrozenPlain libraries, Arctic Strings features a strong link between visuals and sounds. Strings can have an incredibly emotive sound that swells and flows. I began to draw a link between this and the real life spectacle of the northern lights. I imagined the strings swell and move in time to the aurora, this idea inspired the graphical interface.

The samples are wide and lush stereo recordings from a medium sized string ensemble recorded in a church. It is not a deep sampled and technical concert hall type library, instead this library excels at strings for ambience and atmosphere. They are incredibly easy to use and fill that gap between detailed realism and smooth rich pads. In fact, they tend to work very well together with real strings recordings. Their smooth and atmospheric nature leaves plenty of room for real string recordings on top to shine.

The second page of the Arctic Strings GUI is the FrozenPlain Effects engine. It features a whole rack of FX such as reverb, delay and distortion. These can be used for creative sound design, and turn these strings into something quite different.

This product is also available for Mirage, our free sample-based-synth VST/AU engine. The 2 versions are different interpretations of the same samples. Primarily, the Mirage version was created to offer the strings to people who do not have Kontakt.

While Mirage has many powerful features and houses the strings instrument with grace, it was not custom-made for strings, while this Kontakt version is. If you purchase this version you can get the Mirage version for free at any time. You also get these features that the Mirage version does not:

VST instruments offer a variety of options for your recording needs. You may not own a string instrument, or you may want to broaden your sound palette with different strings samples as well as experimenting with other instruments.

Most orchestral strings VSTs are of excellent quality and each library I find tends to get approved by a lot of my clients. Many of them prefer high-quality sounding pieces over music that may be well-written but used with poor samples.

Some libraries are similar in sound yet have their own individual perks. With research, every composer is capable of choosing an appropriate strings library that will enhance their compositions depending on their creative requirements. I have met colleagues who prefer certain libraries over others and vice versa.

Orchestral Tools Berlin Strings is a string library held in high regard by its users. This library is one of the industry standards when it comes to orchestral strings and is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

There are numerous legato expressions in Berlin Strings that are triggered by the keyboard velocity. Legato patches create soft attacks at low velocity and accented sustains at high velocity; portamento slides are activated at high velocities. It is worth noting that legato is a very important articulation in string playing. It causes strings to sound lush and full in an orchestral piece.

Berlin Strings by Orchestral Tools is a high-quality, industry-standard strings library backed by many composers and musicians including the likes of David Newman, Junkie XL, Harry Gregson-Williams, Jeff Russo and Richard Harvey.

Orchestral Tools have just released a new strings library: Berlin Symphonic Strings. The library focuses on large string sections capturing cinematic, rich string compositions that maintain the renowned characteristics of the Berlin series.

The strings were recorded at the Teldex Scoring Stage in Berlin and are sampled in situ, with players in the traditional strings seating arrangement with violins on the left, violas in the center and celli and basses on the right. This seating arrangement helps create a natural, homogenous blend.

Hollywood Strings is co-produced by Thomas Bergerson, known for his cinematic music from Two Steps from Hell, and engineered by Sean Murphy, known for his recording and mixing of the Star Wars franchise among many other large scale projects. 350c69d7ab


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