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Magic Wand Bondage

Nikky Thorne. Part 2. What she gets is: male domination, fully suspension, tight rope bondage, hitachi magic wand on her clitolis, orgasm control, rough bondage sex hard dick into her mouth while she's suspended.

magic wand bondage

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Charging unit included; plug-and-play option for those times when you're near an outlet. (Does not charge during plug-and-play.) Runs for three hours on a full charge; for your safety and to preserve electronics and battery life, the wand shuts off automatically after twenty minutes of continuous use. The manufacturer recommends a cooling-off period at that point, but the wand will immediately function after the auto-shut-off if you wish to resume using it right away. The Magic Wand Rechargeable is not waterproof nor splash-proof.

A Hitachi harness is any harness one might use to attach a large, wand style vibrator such as the Original Magic Wand (frequently referred to as the "Hitachi") to a partner for hands-free use. Rope harnesses are particularly popular for this use.

Unlike most types of restraints, when done right, saran wrap bondage also offers diffuse sensations. Especially for bodies in chronic pain or people who have long-term injuries that may pressure in a small area uncomfortable, the spread-out design of plastic wrap bondage ensures that the compression is spread out over a larger area. This can be more comfortable for a lot of people.

Plastic wrap bondage is really versatile. You can use it for a bunch of different uses. Consider leaving the limbs free while wrapping the torso and hips (much like a piece of clothing). You can then use your safety shears to cut out small holes for breasts, anal, vaginal, or penis stimulation. You can also bind the legs together from the knees down or the hips down. This makes it easy to keep your play partner from moving while you still have the rest of their body to enjoy. Arms and limbs can also be saran wrapped to external fixed objects to keep your partner from moving. 041b061a72


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