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Friday Fun: Engineers

Automation engineers are also seeing a wider scope of opportunities given the growing interest in AI/automation in fields outside of tech. New engineering roles are emerging in the pharmaceutical, retail and FMCG sectors, Winfield said.

Friday Fun: Engineers

Research shows that kids in families who engage in activities together are more likely to continue those activities as they get older. If we create an environment where youth and their families see science and engineering as something they do for fun and where they feel supported and valued, they will develop an interest in exploring science and engineering beyond the life of the project. By engaging the families with scientists and engineers in an immersive experience, we can transform their knowledge and views of STEM careers.

7. What do fashionable running shoes have to do with engineers? Well, engineers are significantly involved in their production process. They make sure that the impact from the ground contact, i.e. the shock of each walking or running step, is dispersed through the entire foot. This will not only be kind to our feet, but will also protect our joints and spine.

Nowadays engineers are facing various challenges which can be solved by selecting the right coupling. Shocks, heat, cold conditions, efficiency and work safety: machines and their drives have to meet highest requirements. 076b4e4f54

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