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Where To Buy An Abortion Pill Online

Your consultation will immediately be reviewed by our medical team. Our helpdesk will email you the next steps, ask you to send a donation of 90 Euros or less, and then approve your abortion pill order within 24 hours.

where to buy an abortion pill online

Please note that our online abortion service can assist you if you have an unwanted pregnancy, you are less than 10 weeks pregnant and struggle to access safe abortion. Please fill out our online consultation here.

The abortion pills are a combination of two medicines, mifepristone and misoprostol. First, you swallow the mifepristone which stops your pregnancy from continuing. Then 24-48 hours later, take the misoprostol pills which cause cramping and bleeding and help empty the tissue from your body. Both medicines are safer to use than common household painkillers and are featured on the List of Essential Medicines created by the World Health Organization. Your pills will be shipped by one of our partner pharmacies located closest to you and are produced by WHO-certified manufacturers.

Serious complications caused by abortion pills are very rare. If you think you are experiencing complications, you can contact our help desk and medical team at You can also visit our FAQ pages for all general inquiries.

At least eight states immediately banned all forms of abortion, including medical abortions using the pill, within hours of the high court's decision. Health-care providers who perform abortions, and in some cases people who help patients get the procedure, would face criminal prosecutions and yearslong prison sentences. In Missouri, for example, anyone who performs an abortion faces up to 15 years in prison.

However, the states prohibit the prosecution of women who receive abortions, according to the text of the legislation in the eight states. That suggests many women with unwanted pregnancies who cannot travel out of state for an abortion will likely end their pregnancies alone at home with abortion pills purchased online through international telehealth companies like Aid Access.

Aid Access is an international telemedicine abortion provider founded by Dutch physician Dr. Rebecca Gomperts. Its European doctors provide online consultations and write prescriptions for abortion pills, which are then filled and mailed by a pharmacy in India.

Aid Access told CNBC it will continue mailing pills to women in all U.S. states, including those that banned the procedure. U.S. telehealth providers will be banned from prescribing and sending abortion pills to women in states that outlaw the procedure.

The abortion pill, mifepristone, is approved in the U.S. to end pregnancies before the 10th week. The Food and Drug Administration first approved the medication in 2000, but required women to obtain it in person under a program that monitors certain drugs for safety risks.

The pill, or medication abortion, has become increasingly common in the U.S. In, 2020, it was used in more than 50% of abortions in the U.S., according to a survey of all known providers by the Guttmacher Institute.

Aid Access will be one of the few options left for many women in U.S. states that have banned the procedure. The organization's European doctors face little legal risk from state laws in the U.S.. However, health-care providers in the U.S. that offer abortions pills through telehealth into states that have banned the procedure would potentially face legal consequences.

In telehealth, the patient's location generally governs the laws that need to be followed, said Amanda Allen, senior counsel and director at the Lawyering Project. For example, a health-care provider based in New York, where abortion is legal, that offers the pill through telehealth to a patient in Texas would be subject to that state's law, Allen said. The provider could face criminal penalties and their medical license could come under scrutiny, she said.

Just The Pill, a Minnesota online clinic that provides abortion pills through telemedicine, is setting up mobile clinics in states where abortion is legal that border states where the procedure is banned or severely restricted. In this case, patients would cross the border for a consultation and then the pill would be mailed to an address, UPS access point or general delivery at a post office for pickup in the state where it's legal.

"Our plan is to move into safe states, where abortion is protected either constitutionally or otherwise, and to help people travel to those safe states to provide care knowing that there are going to be lots of legal risks," said Dr. Julie Amaon, the medical director at Just The Pill.

President Joe Biden and the U.S. Department of Justice, in a stern warning on Friday to states banning abortion, said they will exercise all power at their disposal to protect women crossing states lines to receive the procedure in states where abortion remains legal.

Websites such as Plan C Pills are also providing information on how patients are finding ways to obtain the abortion pill. In some cases, people are setting up telehealth consultations in states such as California, where abortion is protected, through services where a video visit is not required so they do not have to provide their location. They then set up a virtual mailbox on the internet, have the abortion pill mailed to that address and then have the package forwarded to their home, according to Plan C's website.

There are also several internet companies that mail generic abortion pills directly to people's addresses without prescriptions or consultations. The medication costs anywhere from $200 to more than $400 depending on the website. Plan C has ordered medication from several of these companies, tested them at a lab and found they were real abortion pills, said Elisa Wells, the group's co-founder. Plan C published results from its tests in the journal Contraception in 2017.

However, the pills have not been inspected by the FDA, so their safety and effectiveness is not guaranteed by a U.S. regulator. It's also unclear who runs these companies and where they are based. The FDA has in the past sought to shut down such websites.

Dr. Abigail Aiken, an expert on reproductive health at the University of Texas at Austin, said pills from online websites would have to be regularly tested to ensure they are authentic. Aiken said it is important to make sure the pills come in a blister pack that is properly sealed, because exposure to air can affect the medication's effectiveness. She also said the advantage of Aid Access, as opposed to other websites, is it has a staffed help desk to answer patient questions and provide information about the process.

Aiken and Aid Access published a study in The Lancet in February that examined the records of nearly 2,800 people in the U.S. who used abortion pills prescribed by the group from March 2018 to 2019. About 96% of respondents reported they successfully ended their pregnancy without surgical intervention. One percent of patients reported serious side effects in which they needed medical treatment, including blood transfusion and intravenous antibiotics. No deaths were reported.

The abortion pill is about 97% effective at ending pregnancy though it's most successful when taken at 49 days or earlier, according to a report by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Common side effects include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, headache, dizziness, fevers and chills.

Women who take the abortion pill should have access to a phone and transportation to a medical facility in the event serious complications do occur, according to the National Abortion Federation. However, it's unclear how much access women in banned states will have to that health care if they are one of the rare patients who has complications from the pill.

To be sure, some people are not candidates for medication abortions. They include women with ectopic pregnancies because the pill does not terminate these pregnancies. Women with blood-clotting disorders, adrenal failure, inherited porphyria, those on long-term steroid therapy or who have a history of allergic reactions to the pill also should not take it, according to the FDA. Women with IUDs in place should have them removed before having a medication abortion.

You may be tempted to buy mifepristone and misoprostol online. While it is possible to get medical abortion pills over the internet, it is actually illegal to take them without the assistance of a qualified physician.1 According to the FDA, You should not buy Mifeprex over the Internet because you will bypass important safeguards designed to protect your health (and the health of others). 2

In addition to the fact that the RU-486 sold online is not FDA-regulated, there can be considerable risk if your current medical condition is unknown. For example, if you have an undetected STD, there is a greater risk you could develop an infection or even die with a do-it-yourself abortion. It is always recommended that you consult a doctor before beginning any new medication, including the abortion pill. You may have additional medical issues that could impact your abortion which only a qualified healthcare provider can diagnose.

Copyright 2022 CompassCare Pregnancy Services.CompassCare is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization offering medical pregnancy confirmation, STD testing and treatment, pre-termination evaluations, abortion pill reversal, and free abortion information in the greater Rochester, Buffalo, and Albany regions.

The abortion pill is generally considered safe, with less than a 0.4% chance of serious side effects like infection, severe blood loss, or hospitalization. It is also 14 times safer than childbirth. However, you may have mild to moderate symptoms during your abortion, such as cramping and some vaginal bleeding that resolves in a couple of days. You might also experience some nausea, weakness, fever, chills, vomiting, headache, diarrhea, and dizziness in the first day or two after taking the two medicines. Some people also have abdominal pain and constipation. 041b061a72


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